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We rent Harley Davidson motorcycles

and organize motorcycles trips and trainings.

You can find us in Poland and Spain.




Welcome at Jack’s Motorcycles Rent & Travel website

Rental and trips

Drawing from the many years of experience of Jack’s Motorcycles, we have prepared a unique offer for all seekers of thrill emotions and incredible adventures.  Now you can rent legendary HARLEY DAVIDSON’s motorcycles and go with us for a professionally organized TRIP or training.

Motorcycles are located in Warsaw and in the Calp city in sunny Spain, where you can enjoy great conditions to ride even during the astronomical winter.

We guarantee that every trip is full of clean tourist-motorbike experience, which is long to remain in memory. Jack’s Motorcycles RENT & TRAVEL is not only a sensational routes, great views and interesting places. It is above all a fantastic adventure among the unique and equally freaky people like you!

Each rented motorcycle is carefully prepared for safe riding. If you like it, you can rent it long-term or buy and enjoy freedom every day!

News and promotions

Driving Technique Improvement Training on Modlin Track

Have you ever had difficulty in turning a heavy motorcycle or... ... if you are driving slowly you felt uncertainties "or accidentally just do not turn over" or... ... whether you felt strange in the corners and feared when the bend was tightening or... ... whether...

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